Cover Your Assets
Cover Your Assets is a Houston bookkeeping firm serving the needs of small businesses that depend on QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise and other business accounting software programs.

While there are more options in business accounting software than QuickBooks software, the huge presence that QuickBooks Pro and other QuickBooks software has in the financial accounting software market makes it a powerful and adaptable tool for getting you, the business owner, in charge of your money making machine.

But the power of QuickBooks software is lost to you unless you first learn how to effectively use it and then create habits of positive action each day, week, and month in your bookkeeping. You need QuickBooks training and maybe a little financial training as well. On top of this you may want to turn over part of your daily, weekly, or monthly bookkeeping responsibilities to a trusted professional who will help you keep your financial records and bookkeeping organized, efficient, and on track so that you can focus on what you do best -- find new clients and take care of existing ones.

Where will you find these critical resources in a convenient, timely, and affordable package specifically tailored to your needs? Your Houston accountant is likely a CPA firm or individual CPA focused exclusively on taxes. They are neither interested nor cost-effective to help you on QuickBooks software questions or to provide QuickBooks training.

Then how about QuickBooks training in a classroom environment? A great idea, but when are you going to get the time to leave your office, drive through traffic, and sit in a classroom all day learning general QuickBooks Pro or Premier concepts that apply to fictitious sample businesses? Now you have to go back to your own business and figure out how to apply what you have learned to your specific business accounting and bookkeeping needs.

At Cover Your Assets, we understand all the balls you are juggling as a small business owner. We know that you did not get into business for yourself because you are a fan of financial accounting software or business bookkeeping techniques.

Cover Your Assets will sit down with you at your own office or any place of your choosing for an initial, free consultation to listen to your concerns and discover your needs. After we come to a mutual agreement of what you need, we will train you at your business, at your desk, on your equipment, and on your QuickBooks software file. You’ll learn exactly what you need to keep your business accounts organized and to be in command of your growing business. Moreover, we’ll do it for pretty darn well close to the cost of sitting through one of those drive-to seminars.

After achieving these skills with QuickBooks software, you may find it would really help you to shift some of those financial responsibilities to a strategic partner who understands your business, your values, and your personal journey. Cover Your Assets can help by taking responsibility for daily, weekly, or monthly transactions, reconciliations, reporting, and even interactions with the CPA at your Houston accounting firm to help you keep on time with local, state, and federal filings.

And here’s a great incentive to you. It’s really a reward you deserve for being a great client: The more you work with us the lower our rate for services goes. We can also offer you a prepaid service package that helps you manage your budget. It offers incentives, too.

Bookkeeping and QuickBooks can be this simple when you Cover Your Assets!
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