Over a Decade of Service
+ Bookkeeping, Reconciliation, Financial Reporting, Internal Accounting,
+ System Design, Setup, Training, Consulting & Problem Solving,
=  for Owner-Operated Businesses using QuickBooks, Xero & other systems.

"Mark has the patience of a saint. I had downloaded at least two years of personal and business data in Quicken and needed a bookkeeper to sit with me and help me know what to do next. Mark helped me understand how to reconcile my records, and he helped me set up a routine to keep my records up-to-date. Because Mark made everything clear and simple, I felt a great deal of relief when we were finished because I realized this was not as complicated as I thought it would be. Mark's patience made it easy for me to ask questions. I highly recommend Mark to any professional that needs help with their books." - Martha, Real Estate and Property Management

"Mark worked with our company for eleven years before starting Cover Your Assets. In a short period of time he helped us get on top of our cash balances and eliminate an open line of credit. Mark also wrote the requirements for purchasing our new accounting system, and he assisted us in creative and resourceful ways in implementing it even for customers and vendors with special demands on our bookkeeping. His talent for order and organization really brought our books to a new level of value to me. Mark also built great working relationships both inside and outside our company as well." 
- Earl, Insurance Agency

"I trust Mark to work directly with my clients to resolve their billing and statement concerns. His experience, his responsiveness, and his positive attitude make him an asset in getting our invoices paid and in managing our customer relationships." - Joseph, Financial Services

"Mark served our organization for over four years. During that time he improved our financial reporting and moved us to paperless for our financial records. We now have monthly and ad hoc reporting to see how each event is going in terms of revenue and expense. This helps us make better decisions about which activities best support our goals. I know I can rely on him."
- Ruthanne, President, Alumni Organization

"It's been great having you help us grow. Thank you for all of your support!" - Martin, Founder, Transportation Technology Startup